Products - Arched Frames

The Arch has been one of the longstanding designs of the past three millenia, used primarily for its strength, but valued for its beauty and simplicity. Championed by the engineers and architects of the Roman Empire, the durability of the arch was valued initially for its strength, but soon equally for its eye-pleasing qualities, and soon were found integral to all kinds of structure, from military monuments to the creation of valuts for large-scal domed structures.

Example of an arched frame
An arched window frame can bring out a feature such as a set of french doors, or enhance a view, allowing additional light to enter a room from a garden whilst benefitting the aesthetics of a room and house.

Another example of a framed arch
Rainbow Arches specialise in the creation of arched frames, and have a highly skilled and trained staff, ensuring that we can cater for most requirements, from large mosques to conservatories to arched windows. Our service is second-to-none, so you know that an order placed with us will be dealt with swiftly, and will ensure your requirements are perfectly met.

There are dozens of types of arch, and we can cater for most requirements. Please get in touch if you have any queries, or use the below guide for a quick overview.

Types of Arch
Round Arch
Segmental Arch
Lancett Arch
Tudor Arch

If you require more detail, or inspiration, additional types of arch are detailed on Wikipedia's section of arch construction